Friday, July 18, 2008

A Washington D.C. Fourth of July

(It's okay if you call me a slacker for posting 4th of July pictures nearly three weeks after the Fourth of July!) As of 11:00 PM Thursday July 3rd night we still didn't have plans for the Fourth of July weekend, but we randomly decided to spend the 4th in Washington D.C., since I have never been there!

We left about 7, and we were in time to catch the end of the parade. After the "Vietnamese Americans", the "Showboating Americans", came two of my favorites....

the "West Virginia Diary Farmer Americans" with their Dairy Princess complete with four of her attendants dressed up as COWS! (I would NOT want to be her attendants!) and the Hare Krishna Americans.

We spent the rest of that day and the next exploring D.C.! (The pictures are in no particular order)

Funny story-- when I was 15 I was OBSESSED about becoming an FBI agent! I loved the X-Files back then (Don't ask). However, I realized that a dislike of blood, and an inability to even hear gross stories would probably preclude me from that field.

And the fireworks show with the Washington Memorial in the foreground was amazing! What a great way to celebrate the Nations Birthday!

Side note-- I thought their license plates were really interesting. I didn't realize that Washington D.C. doesn't have it's own government-- the only government they have is the National government, and don't have separate representatives. Thus the "Taxation without representation!"

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