Sunday, July 13, 2008

A bit more laid back...

The next day we decided to have a bit more relaxing day. One of the really cool things about the timeshare we were staying at, is that they have certain amenities for owners. They let you play miniature golf, ride paddle boats on the lake, rent bikes, and more-- for free!!!

Since we had gotten rained out on our paddle boat adventures a few weeks before, we decided to take the paddle boat for a spin. However, they made us sign a waiver that we wouldn't sue them if we were dismembered or maimed in any way. Apparently someone had seen an alligator earlier in the day! Although we didn't see any alligators (to my relief and dismay) Steve did have his hand bitten off by a shark!Fortunately, it was not a real shark!
We also played their pirate miniature golf, and to get me back for the shark, he put me in my place!

I forgave him though. :)

To end the day, we took a nice drive around Orlando, ending at the beautiful Orlando Temple!

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