Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Three posts in one week-- GASP!

A long time ago in the faraway land of B.Y.U., there was two beautiful women, who happened to be my roommates. One day, these two wonderful roommates decided that they were going to "do a marathon." They asked people if they would like to "donate" to said marathon. At the time, one of these young ladies had not one, but two dashing suitors that clambered for her hand. Both suitors agreed to donate, as to not be outdone by the other. When the day of the "marathon" came, my roommates happily announced that it was not to be a traditional marathon, ney, but a movie marathon. They proceeded to watch extended versions of all three Lord of the Rings.

I have decided to "do a triathlon." In the spirit of me getting more fit, I have just registered to participate in the North Myrtle Beach Aquatic & Fitness Triathalon (Sprint) on Saturday September 12th which will benefit Muscular Dystrophy.

This event features a 700 yard open water swim, a 13 mile bike leg, and a 5k run in beautiful Myrtle Beach. I just registered, and I am so EXCITED but sooo NERVOUS! Any "donations" (wink, wink), support, encouragement, spectators, or anyone with an extra road bike I could borrow would be greatly appreciated!

I can't believe it's not...


Steve LOVES juice. Let's just say, if juice was a woman, I would have some serious competition.

We recently discovered that Ocean Spray Started making Sugar Free Drink Mixes, they are similar to Crystal Light, but fulfull Steve's need for juice without the sugar.

We LOVE the White-Cranberry Peach, it actually tastes a lot like the juice! We've also tried Cranberry Lemonade, and Cranberry Grape (the grape was good, but had a slightly odd aftertaste). They have 3 other flavors-- has anyone tried those yet? I would love your opinion on them!

Monday, June 15, 2009

My life... in a nutshell

I've been a blog slacker. You see, I was under the impression that once the summer started, I would have free time! Haha. Yeah. Right. Aside from the weekends, I am just as busy as ever. But ahh... the weekends. We have been using the weekends as time to explore the East Coast-- but more about that soon!

During the week, I am working on several things:
  • Internship at the Pediatric Healthy Weight Clinic-- I am a Medical Family Therapist as part of an integrated care team working with a nutritionist and pediatrician to help children and adolescents that are "not at a healthy weight." While the nutritionist helps them with healthy food choices, and the doctor focuses on their health, I am there to help with anything else that may be a problem-- self-esteem, teasing, family problems, etc. I LOVE IT! (It's also motivated me to be more active myself!)
  • Assistantship with Dr. Hodgson working on a Substance Abuse Grant. We are starting a grant to assess people that come to the doctor for substance abuse. It is a challenge, but it is great experience, as I get to see first-hand how a grant comes together!
  • Seeing clients-- now that I can officially see clients, I have a caseload of 8-9 clients I see on a regular basis at the ECU Family Therapy Clinic (pictured below). It's a converted Frat House, and is a bit ghetto, but I love having an actual therapy clinic building!
I love my Marriage and Family Therapy program! I am learning so much: about people, about myself, and really coming to develop deeper empathy for the struggles people face. Although I miss friends and family out West (and everywhere else ;) ), I am grateful I am here and loving this opportunity to grow!

*Note-- I am busy, but I don't want to give anyone the wrong impression-- I am NEVER too busy for friends!!! After all, that's what life is about!