Monday, June 15, 2009

My life... in a nutshell

I've been a blog slacker. You see, I was under the impression that once the summer started, I would have free time! Haha. Yeah. Right. Aside from the weekends, I am just as busy as ever. But ahh... the weekends. We have been using the weekends as time to explore the East Coast-- but more about that soon!

During the week, I am working on several things:
  • Internship at the Pediatric Healthy Weight Clinic-- I am a Medical Family Therapist as part of an integrated care team working with a nutritionist and pediatrician to help children and adolescents that are "not at a healthy weight." While the nutritionist helps them with healthy food choices, and the doctor focuses on their health, I am there to help with anything else that may be a problem-- self-esteem, teasing, family problems, etc. I LOVE IT! (It's also motivated me to be more active myself!)
  • Assistantship with Dr. Hodgson working on a Substance Abuse Grant. We are starting a grant to assess people that come to the doctor for substance abuse. It is a challenge, but it is great experience, as I get to see first-hand how a grant comes together!
  • Seeing clients-- now that I can officially see clients, I have a caseload of 8-9 clients I see on a regular basis at the ECU Family Therapy Clinic (pictured below). It's a converted Frat House, and is a bit ghetto, but I love having an actual therapy clinic building!
I love my Marriage and Family Therapy program! I am learning so much: about people, about myself, and really coming to develop deeper empathy for the struggles people face. Although I miss friends and family out West (and everywhere else ;) ), I am grateful I am here and loving this opportunity to grow!

*Note-- I am busy, but I don't want to give anyone the wrong impression-- I am NEVER too busy for friends!!! After all, that's what life is about!


Anne B. said...

I love that you're getting to do what you set out to do. Congratulations again and again! I hate that you're moving from our ward. WHAT IS THAT??? :)

Sarah said...

i am glad to hear how you are. and i'm glad you like what you do.

but. i. miss. you.