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Monday, March 16, 2009

Adventure in the Bahamas

We went on a cruise for our 2-year anniversary/birthday/etc. Here are our favorite pictures! Our top 25 favorite memories:

25. A leisurely drive to Miami, with an overnight stop in Savannah, Georgia
24. Figuring out our "Blues Name" at a BBQ restaurant in Savannah, mine is "Jailhouse Dog Davis"
23. Getting an amazing deal ($83!) on a four star room at the Hyatt in downtown Miami overlooking the river-- thank you!
22. Watching cars go by in Nassau, Bahamas and looking for the scrapes on their bumpers-- apparently they drive like we play bumper cars!
21. Finding the "real" Happy Valley-- it's a Chinese restaurant
20. Getting up early to watch the sun rise over Half Moon Cay
19. Going to the obn-board sushi cart every day :)
18. Rolling with the movement of the ship, and being the only ones NOT drunk!
17. Eating lots and lots of yummy food!
16. Eating real Cuban food in Little Havana, Miami
15. Shopping in Nassau, and bargaining for a "Coach" purse.
14. Laughing at everyone else who apparently fell asleep in the sun.... they had some amazing sunburns!
13. Enjoying 70 degree weather in March
12. Seeing beautiful and picturesque beaches
11. Being amazed that the water really is THAT clear!
10. Not having to cook, clean, or make our bed!
9. Snorkeling just off the beach of Half Moon Cay and snorkeling over corals teeming with fish in Nassau
8. Finding cool towel animals on our bed
7. The Love and Marriage game show--hilarious!
6. Hearing some of the FAQ's aboard the ship-- including, "What elevation are we at?" and "What religion are the people who wear the patches behind their ears?" The cruise director blithely answered "A-pache"
5. Exploring Gibbs Cay, a beautiful uninhabited island just off Grand Turk
4. Snorkeling in Grand Turk less than half a mile from a 7,000 foot underwater precipice
3. Kissing a sting ray
2. Kissing each other
1. Being suspended 500 feet above the sea going 50 miles per hour-- parasailing is AMAZING!

* No stingrays were harmed in the making of this video

Friday, March 6, 2009

Our Dog is Funny