Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I can't believe it's not...


Steve LOVES juice. Let's just say, if juice was a woman, I would have some serious competition.

We recently discovered that Ocean Spray Started making Sugar Free Drink Mixes, they are similar to Crystal Light, but fulfull Steve's need for juice without the sugar.

We LOVE the White-Cranberry Peach, it actually tastes a lot like the juice! We've also tried Cranberry Lemonade, and Cranberry Grape (the grape was good, but had a slightly odd aftertaste). They have 3 other flavors-- has anyone tried those yet? I would love your opinion on them!


Sarah said...

what is this?! two blog posts in one week?! yow-sa! (how in the world do you actually spell that...) anyway, those look tasty. way to make healthy choices!

p.s. i am going to call you today, so be prepared!

Emily said...

I love the white cran peach!! It's my new fave!
Yea!! That is so cool that you're doing a triathlon!!! Nice!! Good luck!