Monday, July 14, 2008

Orlando Adventure

At the end of June, we were invited to go spend the weekend in Orlando, Florida with my sister Elisa and her husband Josh. They had gotten a timeshare for the week to celebrate Josh's graduation! (Congrats Josh!)And so, Steve and I jumped on the opportunity to spend some time with them, and enjoy the sighs in sunny Florida!

Amazingly enough, Steve had never been to Florida. He has been to most of the 50 states with the exception of a few like Louisiana. Amazingly enough, I HAVE been to Louisiana! It's one of the few states in the South I have been to!

I absolutely love Disneyworld and anything associated with Disney since my Grandfather was one of the original nine animators for Walt Disney. He was the first of the "Nine Old Men" as they were called. (His name was Les Clark if you want to look him up!)

If you'll notice, Steve and I are wearing the same color shirt everyday. This was in fact an accident. The first day, Steve, Josh, and I walk out of our rooms and realize we are all wearing red shirts and khakis! Only Elisa was the odd one out! The next day Steve and I both reached for Maroon. By the third day, we decided to match just to be funny!

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