Sunday, July 13, 2008

Swimming with Sharks

On our last day, we decided to take advantage of our water park ticket, and went to Typhoon Lagoon. One thing I have to say for Disney is that they go all out! It was the coolest water park I've ever been to! It was really neat how they stuck to the theme all around. I wish I had more pictures, but we didn't want to traipse around with a camera in case it got wet. However, I swam with sharks and I just had to get pictures of that!It was probably one of the coolest things we did in Florida. They have a giant salt-water aquarium filled with exotic tropical fish, including sharks. I've never been snorkeling before, so it was a really neat experience for me, and helped me get my feet wet. (Literally and figuratively.) It was so awesome to be so close I could literally reach out a touch these fish! Fortunately, the sharks were a little farther away! They were about 10 feet below the water and included hammer head, leopard, and other varieties of sharks! It was a little scary, but like all the wildlife at Disneyworld, they are very used to humans! And it didn't hurt that they were only 3-4 feet long!!

You weren't allowed to kick your legs, only swim with your arms. Thus the strange curled position of my legs. :) I just wish I had a water proof camera!!

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