Tuesday, June 3, 2008

We must be peasants, cause we got burninated.

This last weekend we went to the awe-inspiring Atlantic Beach. It was incredible to wake up in our own bed, drive a little ways, and go to a gorgeous oceanside. See, is isn't it nice!

Anyway, we swam and chilled and drank copious amounts of seawater. And then realized we looked like lobsters. Sorry - no pictures of this, I believe Marina would kill me. Literally. With a knife.

Okay, maybe not.

We have pretty much done nothing but lay down and listen to Harry Potter. It is so painful to move! Did you know that when your feet get sunburned, they get all swollen and it hurts to walk? I did, which is why I took this farewell photo of my foot before it got burned.

Sorry you had to see that.

In other exciting news, we have a new car! Since we sold the Accord and Civic, we had to get some form of transportation. Because we are incapable of being frugal, we bought a Lexus. And by Lexus, I mean another Honda Accord. Its so pretty!

Ok, enough of that. I have one more thing to say. Marina is doing really well with her assistantship so far, and we really are liking the area. I'm particularly proud of Marina. She graduated from BYU and is on her way to making people address envelopes to us as Mr. and Dr. Stanton. Now I have to get a Doctorate, just so it doesn't look suspect.

Hope everyone is well!

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T&T Turner said...

Hooray! Glad you two are having fun! Nice car too! Keep us posted on all your new adventures, and Steve I met your twin last week... well, not your twin, but someone who might have been separated from you at birth. Good job, Dr. Marina!