Tuesday, May 20, 2008

We're still alive!

We have officially been in North Carolina for a week! (At least when 10:30 tonight rolls around) We've been busier than...something VERY busy! After driving 2350 miles, we're proud to say we've moved everything into our townhouse, got most of it put away, and are getting settled. Marina started her first day at the MFT Clinic, which I'm sure she'll be saying more about. I've been able to continue working remotely for DirectPointe, which is a blessing; Greenville's IT jobs are somewhat limited, so it is very nice to have that job.

It is very green and lush here. We had a bit of rainfall Sunday night that came in from nowhere with big gushing winds. It was pretty spectacular; and I'm sure we'll see much more where that came from. Some of the parking lots have notices "This lot due to flood during heavy rains". There are water markers around that measure in feet. Hopefully we'll be ok!

I have posted pictures of our trip, which you can see here.

We'll be updating more soon!


T&T Turner said...

HOORAY! You made it! Your place looks nice. Glad you guys made it there safely... keep us posted on all that you do!

Tiffany said...

Hi guys! Your trip pics look fun and you seem as if you made it without killing each other :) Being able to travel long distances together is a great thing! I hope that all is going well. Post some more pics of your house and surroundings when you get a chance. I don't think Marc is too hip to the blog thing so I will be sure show your page to him....take care! Tiff and Marc