Monday, June 9, 2008

Viva La Vida

By now, most folks I know have heard of this CD; the title song, Viva La Vida, has been released. The remainder of the album isn't due out for another week. However, I am writing to give a brief description of how it sounds. In a word that I think is fitting, it is somewhat revolutionary.

After songs like "Yellow", or "The Speed of Sound", Coldplay has kind of fallen to the side of their genre's forefront. It seems this album will seriously change that landscape. It is still Coldplay, though; you can still hear Chris Martin's voice clearly. But the tones, the topics and the timbre of it all has changed to a greated 'depth-iness". (In homage to Colbert's truthiness. :) ) The greater usage of strings (violin, etc.) really enhances this depth

I particularly like the title song, but a couple of other songs to pay attention to are Strawberry Swing, Violet Hill, Lost (the acoustic version especially) and Death and All His Friends. Listen to the last one for the variety of melodic style, and the few but fitting lyrics.

It is a short album, but its a good one.

Also, watch for hidden tracks!


T&T Turner said...

Isn't this album looking great so far? Taylor has also given me a full analysis. They're coming to Las Vegas in July and we just bought tickets - happy birthday to us! :) We miss you guys!

Brooke Stoneman said...

yeah Stantons! I didn't copy your link over from our old blog and i'd lost track of you. bless that old internet! How are things? Marina, send me an email sometime. We miss you guys!