Monday, June 23, 2008


We've been in Greenville for 6 weeks now, and have been having a blast! I've included some of the pictures from around the Greenville area. Last weekend we went to Raleigh and explored the city! This is a picture of Steve and I when we went on a paddle boat in a cute little park named Pullen Park. It was beautiful and picturesque!Steve was a little sleepy... or something.
We also went to a flea market, and we saw the most amazing store! One dedicated solely to selling fried twinkies!!! I was so tempted.....
At the flea market we also saw all these amazing old lunch boxes. I've never seen so much amazing stuff!
We are nearly moved it. Steve into the townhouse, and me into my new box! I'm really excited. It's pretty big!
Another one of the great things about living in North Carolina is that we are so close to the ocean! We drive less than two hours and can be on a beautiful sandy beach!
Steve was really excited when he saw that we live near "Stantonsburg Road" but furthermore, there is a Stanton Square there!!!
We are sampling the local cuisine, and we went to a Mexican place named "Moe's" It was pretty good, but made me miss Cafe Rio! Nothing compares!!!
We've been having lots of fun exploring our new town! We miss Provo, but are enjoying living somewhere new!

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T&T Turner said...

Hooray for getting moved in! Sorry about no Cafe Rio - believe it or not, the ONE Cafe Rio in Nevada is 5 minutes away. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! No, just kidding - I really feel sad for you. Love the blog - when do you start class?