Monday, August 4, 2008

Wrightsville Beach

Can I just say, I LOVE the beach? It makes me so happy! The first time we went Steve and I were so sunburned, we were crispy and couldn't move for three days, but now I am finally getting tan(ner)! Something living in Phoenix for 18 years couldn't do. (You just generally avoid the sun there!)
This by far was my favorite beach so far! (Aside from parking being a nightmare, that is). The sand was the perfect texture for Steve to make sandcastles, and just generally relax! We went with our good friends the Stinsons-- you can just tell how excited Morgan was to relax!

He's a second year in the MFT program. I just keep thinking.... "That's going to be me in a year!"

We tried to write our initials the other way.... that didn't really work out so well though........

Our cute friends and neighbors the Stinson's!
What a perfect day!

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