Saturday, January 3, 2009

Yes Man!

Recently, we went to see the movie "Yes Man." While some parts were unnessesarily crude, overall, I actually enjoyed it. I appreciated what I saw as the "take home message"-- Live your life being open to new opportunities and adventures, while also knowing when it would be adventageous to say "No". It inspired me to write a list of things I want to learn/do. Here is a selection from my list:
  • Bowl above a 200 (I'm working on breaking 100 now!!!)
  • Swim with sharks
  • Learn Spanish 
  • Go hang gliding
  • Learn to play tennis 
  • Run a marathon
  • Be a guest on a talk show 
  • Learn how to change the oil in my car
  • Travel to all 50 states, and 6 continents (of the 7-- excluding Antarctica)
 Does anyone else have a list? If so, I would love to hear about it!   


Sarah said...

i like your list. i should be more open to things. i realize i say no automatically a lot of the time.

i have a bunch on my list. to name a few:
learn how to play the piano
travel to new zealand, europe, and maybe north africa
get certified in pilates
get a masters degree...

it goes on longer, but there's some good ones.

Anne B. said...

You're right! I'm always saying, "No, we can't afford it, No, we don't have time, No, I just don't think I can..." etc. And while I think it prudent to live within the means, here are some on my list!

Become a SCUBA instructor
Take Cake decorating
Travel to Switzerland...well, Europe.
Buy a Bike (to go with the kiddie trailer Grandpa bought us!)
Buy a piano
Learn to Sail
Join a Volleyball league
plant a garden with lots of fun exotic-ish flowers