Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Moving is skeeery

In trying to find a job, an apartment, utilities, internet service, a bank, insurance, and all that jazz, I've come to a conclusion. Moving is pretty rough times. I think about how it must have been for my parents the 5+ times they've moved since they got married, and how crazy it had to have been without things like the internet, and with kids to boot. I'm pretty lucky considering, and it is still all kinds of crazy.

My advice to anyone who is planning to move; its not too early to start getting your ducks in a row. As the days go past, you'll be glad you've planned ahead, because you never realize how much there is to do until it is almost too late to do those things. Perhaps that doesn't just apply to moving; probably a condition of the human experience if you ask me.

Anyway, I'm back to the job hunt/selling cars/packing/tearing hear out of head.



mk said...

I didn't realize moving could be so stressful! Thanks for the heads up!

Krystan said...

I know how you feel...I've moved three times since February, and all the way from Clermont County to the middle of Chicago. Things were nuts! I'm hoping things are finally settling down for you and hope you and your wife enjoy your experience in a new place. I know mine is scary but awesome.
We should both be glad we have someone to go through it with.
Good luck on getting used to your new surroundings!